Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Udaipur.

22 May, 2010
This is another grab-bag of pictures from a day around Udaipur in February.  Except for the already too-high levels of vehicle and sound pollution in the streets (the place is simply not built for modern vehicles or the incredible number of scooters and motorcycles), Udaipur is such a cultural and visual rich place! (Please note that there is a video made up of these stills as well.) Please click on the pictures to enlarge.   


Such a geometric city.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

The better off homes have these fabulous paintings at their entryways.

Some are in need of repainting.

Stairway to ?

A side of the road veg snack cart.

Look all the way through...
A view of the 'classic' Udaipur.

Ready to eat...
...anywhere you can find it.

Yes?  Something? Anything?
Ah, who cares...
Cartoon devotion.
Trouble reading?

Looking around while on a regular walk through town.
....but a cup of chai from a road stall to start out...

...and people you see

Pals of Shiva

Just pals

People doing.....stuff.

Loading up donkeys with sand (women only).
...getting water from the local street pump..
...feeding stray dogs daily..

...hanging out with family..

...heading for school with buds in an autorickshaw..


...and taking care of business.
Every day an older gentleman would walk down into this neighborhood washing area at the side of the lake (near the guest house) and remove the plants clogging up the area.  Then the beating of clothes would begin!
This looked like some clothes escaping...tired of being beaten up.

The lake gets a little grosser looking as the water level drops.

Common India sights.

Getting towards sundown at a nearby ghat.

The Lake Palace at night.

At the start of a 'walkabout' in the city, a lovely Veg Thali dinner at the 'Little Prince' restaurant.

A small side of the lake temple.

Shivas everywhere...

...and other revered..

..and then a big pile of...